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Saturday, 6 February 2010

What a weekend Ahoy!

After finding out either myself or my friend had got our dates mixed up and that she was not coming around as thought this Saturday for a curry, it looks like another boring weekend at Saz Towers.

Oh well I guess that it gives me plenty of time to catch up with the wonderful world of JavaScript! I collected my mark back for TMA03: 97%. Some might say that was a most credible mark but not me. I was actually quite peeved as I was aiming for 99% or 100% and I dropped three marks on really daft things that I should not have done.

Going to try and find some unsuspecting fools to follow this blog, would seem that I am going to need a little place to whinge and spit dummies out, judging by recent happenings!


  1. Well done on the TMA Saz! I just missed out on a perfect score too ... :-(

  2. As a maungy old man, you look really cute, any chance of a better photo please?