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Friday, 8 January 2010

Saturday is Cancelled

I am a bit miffed that my tutorial has been cancelled tomorrow. I understand why but never the less I was looking forward to meeting some other students and getting some face to face extra help with Javascript. In all fairness to the OU they have pulled out all the stops to have a replacement Online based day, but it just does not provide you with that 1-2-1 help and discussion like the original plan was.

I also received my first batch of course materials for my next course that starts in February. "Networked Living: Exploring Information and Communication Technologies". I was a little shocked when the box arrived. My last course comprised of 16 unit books, 2 DVDs and other cards and materials, whereas this one has only 2 similiar sized books and one DVD, with the next 2 books sent later on in the course. Maybe this one involves less work, although I shall not hold my breath!

I did find it funny that a piece of text was named "The Future of Everyday Life", the future being 2010!! Hopefully that piece of text should be bang on the mark today then!

Any way last few pages of Javascript to do today. The concept and logic is easy enough to follow although as much as I understand it I do not think I could write a program from scratch and it run. I would like some exercises to learn to do that, hopefully that is what tomorrows electronic day school willl bring!


  1. I'll be online for the tutorial on Saturday - maybe we should set up a chat room on FirstClass or a Google Wave or something? I think that Ian Grant is planning on running an Elluminate session as well. I can understand them cancelling - I couldn't get my car off the end of my drive this morning because of the ice!

    If you are doing T175, I'm halfway through that now and a lot of it is online activities rather than in the books. It does repeat some of the stuff in M150, but with a bit of a different emphasis.

  2. Ian is running elluminate this afternoon. As I have no microphone on my PC, I shall just eavesdrop lol