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Thursday, 31 December 2009

The New Years Honours List 2010

Some people might be suprised to know that the full honours list comprises of persons who are acknowledged for their services to science, healthcare, academia, research etc, you know the ones, those individuals who have made a difference to finding cures for cancer, Aids, erradicating things that damage and harm society . Yes thats right people that are working and changing society for the better.

As usual the only persons the media are quick to promote as being on that lucky list are those wonderful "celebs". Yes actors and actresses, sports "personalities", they are all announced as being the great and the good leaving all the other hard working souls to be found on the Government created PDF


Suprisingly there is a distinct lack of MPs listed I would have thought this year there would have been an extensive list "for services to the fraud industry".

James Joseph Caulfield must be elated in receiving an honour for his voluntary services to Disadvantaged People in Kenya. I will requote "voluntary". Yes a man that through his want to help others less fortunate in lands less affluent has been deservedly given recognition. A little further down the list is Jenson Alexander Lyons Button, For services to Motorsport. Now hang on a minute this guy earns millions for driving A fast car in cricles going nowhere fast! I will happily drive around the M25 for FREE if I can have an MBE! I do feel this kind of makes a mockery of the whole thing.

I did do a search on the Government PDF but alas nowhere to be found was "Sarah Davis for services to the Call Centre Sector"

Buggar, Damn and Blast. Maybe next year!

The Price of Books

The price of books is nothing short of incredulous!

If you are after a publication other than the inane and shallow ramblings of Katie Price or other non entities who churn out uninteresting "celebrity" autobiographies on the back of appearing in the Daily Star once, it would appear you have to be prepared to suck your teeth and re-mortgage the house.

I would not mind if the book was concerning a popular topic but "Building the Post War World" is hardly going to be appearing on the top of everyones "must read" list!

So refusing to hand over 35 quid to invest in this riveting read, I have decided to borrow The Tardis take my 35 quid to post war Britain and rebuild it myself. the added benefit of this being I will probably still have some monies left over for a Big Mac on my way back to 2010!

Happy Days and a Happy New Year!

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

British man said to be mentally ill executed in China


The death penalty: I am totally opposed to it no matter what the crime committed is. A British man being put to death over some bloody drugs to me is quite sickening really. Other henious crimes the Chinese feel worthy of execution, totalling 60 offences include non-violent crimes such as tax fraud and embezzlement.

Good Lord we would have no MPs left if we lived in China! Maybe that might be a good thing, maybe the death penalty isn't quite so unthinkable after all!

On a lighter note singer Van Morrison has become a daddy at the age of 64, bless.


His website claims the new offspring is: "the spitting image of his daddy". So thats wrinkly, saggy and akin to a bulldog chewing a wasp.


Saturday, 12 December 2009

Buggar, Damn and Blast!

My inflated foot has prevented me from attending my OU tutorial, my head start is now a distant memory as I try and keep on track between gallons of tea and Co-Codamols.

Always a glutton for punishment and my own worst enemy I have enrolled for yet another course starting in February 2010 which will overlap my current one.

As for the news there has not been anything that is suitable for me to piss and whinge about, I could have had a blast at the unscrupulous MPs again and their floating duck houses but I have been there and need some new fodder to get my teeth stuck into.

I think it is going to be the Broadband tax but I must not digress I have work to catch up on! Nothing finer that Program Controlled input and Output on a Saturday morning! How I long for a big wad of Purple and a trip to Murderhell (and a new foot)

Keep ya pecker up people!

Monday, 7 December 2009

M150 Assignment Result In!

Who needs the Xfactor for finger biting stuff??

I have been waiting with great anticipation for my M150 first assignment result and check it out... 97%!!

Now that is worth a glass of the bubbly stuff! So cracked open the Jacobs Crack Sparkilng Rose (no Krug this week!) Gulp, Gulp.. but what is this?? OH NO, these meds I am taking from having my foot hacked at meant the bubbly did not have the desired effect.

It is not very often I actually have a worthwhile reason to get wasted and the one time I did it was an Epic Fail!!!

Oh well tonight I will just have to try again, using the excuse it is a Monday and I am not at work now until Jan 4th 2010!!