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Thursday, 31 December 2009

The New Years Honours List 2010

Some people might be suprised to know that the full honours list comprises of persons who are acknowledged for their services to science, healthcare, academia, research etc, you know the ones, those individuals who have made a difference to finding cures for cancer, Aids, erradicating things that damage and harm society . Yes thats right people that are working and changing society for the better.

As usual the only persons the media are quick to promote as being on that lucky list are those wonderful "celebs". Yes actors and actresses, sports "personalities", they are all announced as being the great and the good leaving all the other hard working souls to be found on the Government created PDF


Suprisingly there is a distinct lack of MPs listed I would have thought this year there would have been an extensive list "for services to the fraud industry".

James Joseph Caulfield must be elated in receiving an honour for his voluntary services to Disadvantaged People in Kenya. I will requote "voluntary". Yes a man that through his want to help others less fortunate in lands less affluent has been deservedly given recognition. A little further down the list is Jenson Alexander Lyons Button, For services to Motorsport. Now hang on a minute this guy earns millions for driving A fast car in cricles going nowhere fast! I will happily drive around the M25 for FREE if I can have an MBE! I do feel this kind of makes a mockery of the whole thing.

I did do a search on the Government PDF but alas nowhere to be found was "Sarah Davis for services to the Call Centre Sector"

Buggar, Damn and Blast. Maybe next year!

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